About Richard Lane


Richard started calling 32 years ago as a dare.  One of the Kansas City square dance clubs was having a Bedevil the Caller night and he was dared to dress as Dolly Parton and do the singling call ‘9 to 5.’ He had fun and decided to pursue calling.  Within a year he was the featured caller at the HASSDA Festival, Northeast Oklahoma Festival ,  and various local and state festivals around the area.

He moved to Arizona in 1989 and had a program in the Phoenix/Mesa area and eventually moved to Yuma and started a very successful winter program that he ran for 9 years.  He was a full-time traveling caller for 13 years and recorded about 15 songs including “Back In The Saddle Again”, Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch”, “30 Days” and more on various record labels, including 4-Bar-B/Quadrille Record Company.

In 1992, he married Leslye and they continued to grow the winter program in Yuma AZ.  However, as the activity started to decline, so did the number of calling dates he had around the country.  In 1994, he quit calling full-time and started to work for a local phone company fixing pay phones.  He was transferred to Utah in 1997 and closed his program in Yuma.  He actively traveled for weekends and called for some local clubs until he was transferred to New Mexico in 2004.  In Albuquerque, he called for a local mainstream club and formed a plus club.  He also began a mainstream club.

In 2012, he again transferred to the Portland OR area and is a guest caller for several local clubs and has begun calling a Monday night C-1 class level workshop called the Lane Changers.  In September, 2013 Richard was selected as the caller for the Silver Stars in Vancouver, WA.  What a great club to be part of!  Richard also has an A-2 club on the 3rd Fridays each month at the Oak Grove CC.

Richard calls square dancing Basic-C-1 and Cues Phase ll-lV.  He also has taught country western dance and line dancing and has DJ’ed for country western dances. Richard and Leslye are proud to be a part of the dance community in Portland.


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